South African Express

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✔️ Where does South African Express fly to?

South African Express timetable covers routes from many popular cities. To check the availability of the connections, use search engine.

✔️ When can you buy the cheapest tickets for South African Express flight?

It is best to buy tickets for South African Express flight well ahead of time.

✔️ What airlines operate similar routes?

To the cities, to which run South African Express flights, run also other airlines, and you can find them in search engine.

✔️ Can I book a hotel together with South African Express flight?

By using search engine you can book a hotel together with the flight under the Flight+Hotel package. Thanks to this your travel will not only be comfortable, but you will also save money thanks to the package discounts.

Get to know more about South African Express

South African Express

South African Express, also known as SA Express, is a South African airline which is part of the South African Airways group. The line was established in 1994 due to the need for travelling on the African continent. The airline is considered a regional and local carrier. It is totally dependent on SAA and is subordinate to it in many aspects, including scheduling flights. South African Express flies between South Africa and Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe or the Republic of the Congo. SA Express handles cheap flights: both passenger, individual and business. Thanks to the fact that it is a partner of SAA airlines, the air tickets are not expensive! The IATA code is: XZ.

South African Express hand baggage and hold baggage

SA Express offers its passengers the opportunity to bring hand baggage, meaning baggage that can be carried on board the plane and put in the aircraft below the seats. Importantly, this baggage can weigh up to 8 kg with dimensions: 55x40x20 cm. Instead of taking a hand case with clothes, you can take a cover with a case for fins or another object. Low cost airlines also offer checked baggage, which can weigh up to 20 kg for an adult and a child. It is worth knowing that over 32 kg baggage is considered as cargo and is not cleared into the baggage hold. An applicable charge must be settled. Keep in mind that hand baggage cannot contain objects with sharp ends and cutting objects.

SA Express booking classes

What booking classes are available at South African Express airlines? First of all, economy class, offering only the haul included in the price of the cheap flight. If you would like to eat a meal or purchase drinks, you must do it at the airport. Importantly, the SA Express airlines also offer to its travellers, mainly those flying in business matters, business class air tickets. Travelers can carry baggage with a load of up to 40 kg without having to pay any charges, like for cargo. You can buy air tickets in the business class on the Johannesburg-Lubumbashi route.

Online check-in at South African Express

Is online check-in possible with a regional SA Express carrier? Yes! Just log in to your phone, tablet or computer on the SA Express website, fill in the application and then print the boarding pass. Please note that online check-in must be completed 24 hours before departure. It is a great way to save time because you do not have to complete South African Express check-in directly at the airport.  This allows you to arrive at the airport just before the departure. If you are only carrying hand baggage, all you need to do is go to check-in with your boarding pass.

Which planes does South African Express have in its fleet?

The fleet of South African Express consists of about 20 passenger aircrafts. Recently, it has been joined by the turboprop Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) aircraft, which has as many as 50 seats at its disposition. All SA Express airplanes are safe and fully equipped, offering comfort to travellers. On top of that, some of them have leather upholstery and are characterised by excellent, modern design.

SA Express headquarters – Cape Town airport

The main airport of South African Express is Cape Town. It is the second largest airport in South Africa, just after Johannesburg. The airport is located 22 km from the centre of Cape Town, which is relatively close. You can easily access it by public transport or a rented car. The airport was opened in the 1950s and serves about 8 million passengers annually. At the airport there are cafes, restaurants and shops. You can easily enjoy a meal before the trip and relax.

Does South African Express have additional services for passengers?

South African Express is a so-called fast airline, separated from the South African Airways line to serve passengers traveling locally or across the African continent. You can easily purchase attractive and cheap air tickets to destinations like Namibia or Zimbabwe, and the journey will take place in comfortable conditions. SA Express belongs to a greater extent to low cost carriers, which is why it does not offer travel benefits to its passengers. Still, flights are comfortable, safe and cheap and this is essentially what local travel is all about.