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What airlines fly from South Africa to Blantyre?

Blantyre is a city located in Malawi, East Africa. This is the second largest city in Malawi. This is why s many people want to visit this place and get there by plane. However, travelling is associated with many costs. The best way to get to Blantyre without spending too much money for a flight is to find cheap flights to Blantyre. These kind of flights are very popular among travellers who like exotic trips and they also want to visit many places at a low cost. There are several airlines that provide flights to Blantyre. Passengers who want to get to Blantyre from RPA, for example from Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban can use the services or such airlines as Ethiopian Airlines, Kukula, Safair or Malawian Airlines.

Tourists can find cheap Johanessburg-Blantyre flights and other flights on the Internet and on the websites of particular carriers. However, the best way to find promotional flights to Blantyre is to use flight search engine that will show you all the flights to Blantyre deals in one place.

Chileka Internation Airprort (BLZ)

Chileka Internation Airprort (BLZ) is located about 16 km from Blantyre. The airport supports airlines that operate cheap flights to Blantyre and other African destinations, for example Ethiopian Airlines, Kukula, Safair or Malawian Airlines.

The airport has two runways and serves Blantyre with flights to South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, and domestic points. The airport is the second base for the country's flagship airline, Malawian Airlines.

Cheap flight connections from South Africa to Blantyre

A lot of tourists travel between the cities in South Africa and Blantyre. Travelling by plane is the fastest and the most comfortable way to move between two distance places. This is why so many travellers decide to use this mode of transport and they are looking for flight deals and occasions, such as Johannesburg-Blantyre flights.

Blantyre can be reached from several airports in RPA. Travellers who want to start their journey in Cape Town can there to Blantyre from Cape Town International Airport (CPT) and they can choose direct flights to Blantyre. Flight connections to Blantyre are also available from other cities in South Africa. A lot of people choose flights between Durban and Blantyre, Thanks to cheap flights to Blantyre, this flight can also be a great adventure without spending too much money for a flight.

How much does a flight to Blantyre cost?

When you want to find cheap airline tickets to Blantyre or other different cities around the world, you should think about this issue well in advance. The best time to buy airline tickets is about two or three months before the planned departure. This is the time when you can find the cheapest flights to Blantyre. However, you can also look for promotional flights in some last minute deals. If you are flexible when it comes to your flight date, last minute offers are a great opportunity to travel at a low cost.

When it comes to cheap flights to Blantyre, there are many different prices. The price depends on the departure date, the airline and the city of departure. You can pay from R 3500 to even R 10 000. This is why it is so important to look for cheap flights well in advance. You don't have to do it n your own. Checking the offer of each airline available on the market can be difficult and very time-consuming. The best solution is to use a special flight search engine, such as eSky search engine. This tool will do all the necessary things for you and will show you the list of the most attractive flights to Blantyre.

While looking for cheap flights, remember that the best time to do it is in the middle of the week, when most people is in work and they don't have enough time to hunt for flight deals. You shouldn’t look for flights to Blantyre deals during the weekend and in the afternoon. If it's possible, try to find the cheapest airline tickets to Blantyre on Tuesday or Wednesday, early in the morning. This is the time when airlines can lower the prices of flights.

What to do in Blantyre?

Blantyre is located in Malawi. This place is located in the heart of Africa and attracts a lot of people who love exotic trips and the amazing atmosphere of African cities. Travellers who want to purchase Blantyre flights should prepare for a lot of positive energy and interesting places to see. Blantyre is a perfect place for tourists who are interested in churches, they can visit St Michael and All Angels Church. This is a magnificent red-brick Church of Central Africa Presbyterian.  The Mandala House is another interesting place for art enthusiasts. There are a lot of local works of art, such as sculptures, old maps, prints etc. While visiting Blantyre, you should definitely taste the local cuisine and feel the unusual atmosphere in local cafes, such as Mandala Cafe or Hong Kong Restaurant.

How to reduce the airline ticket price?

On the Internet, you can find many different tips on how to find the cheapest airline tickets, such as cheap flights to Blantyre. However, remember that reading and searching for information is also very time consuming. There is a better way to find the best flight deals without spending too much time on different websites. You can use the cheap flights to Blantyre search engine and find all the available connections to Blantyre in one place. You don’t have to compare the offers of all air carriers. The flights search engine will do it for you.

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