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Cheap flights to Lanseria – earth, wind and fire to be discovered

Lanseria located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, in outer Randburg, has been virtually associated with the airport serving Johannesburg and Pretoria. However there's so much more to it! If you think of a place with interesting outdoor activities and beautiful accomodation, why not try Lanseria? Get some traveling advice, fly with the cheap airlines and make the most of your journey. Here's a few tips.

What's there to see in Lanseria?

The Gauteng province of South Africa is full of tourist attractions. Many people buy air tickets to Lanseria mainly to visit the vibrant city of Johannesburg. Even though it's an obvious destination for many, it's well worth to consider the suburbs as your base. The accomodation will be cheaper, and it's only 20 minutes away from Sandton, neighbouring also with Midrand and Fourways. You'll get to Pretoria in 45 minutes drive. There's plenty to do in the area so you mightn't need to go anywhere.

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Try the ultimate air balooning experience. Watch sunrise from the the sky, enjoy the silence of early morning and then celebrate your flight with a traditional glass of bubbly. If you're into water sports and crave some excitement, go river rafting and explore the wild Crocodile River and Jukskei River. You don't have to be a swimmer as life jackets will be provided. Lanseria has something for everyone. Fancy good food along with good beer? Copperlake Breweries offer craft beer tasting, full service restaurant and even a greenhouse full of veg and herbs. They're located at the Northern Farms behind the Lanseria Airport. More excitement? Try quad biking or abseiling with Ground Zero Adventures.  When you book your cheap flights to Lanseria, wonderful experience awaits you just outside the airport.

If you've done it all at Lanseria and feel like exploring more, there are at least two great things you should visit. Only 15 minutes drive from Lanseria there's the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Cradle of Humankind. Climb into a cave, discover fossils and craft tools like your early ancestors. Early booking is required. The second incredible thing is Lion Park. It takes around 50 minutes to get there but it's worth it. Lion, cheetah, jackal, wild dog or hyena are all there and you can see them up close. Feed a friendly giraffe and play with the little lions cubs, it's priceless! 

Domestic flights to Lanseria

How come more and more South African tourists choose cheap flights to Lanseria? Probably because it promises a holiday without a rush. Far from city noise, and different to a typical travel agents option. People travelling from South Africa usually choose planes for transportation because of better comfort. Lanseria Airport is located over 700 km from Durban which is either 8 hours drive or 1hour on a plane. It's much more comfortable to fly, especially with the cheap and direct air connections to Lanseria, than to pay for regular transport. Many people are surprised to learn that aeroplanes are the safest means of transport, which is another reason to buy a ticket with the low cost airlines.

Lanseria is not your typical South African tourist destination that's why you don't get the tourist overload like in other South African cities. Those who visit Lanseria are usually focused on  great outdoor experience.

How long is the the flight to Lanseria?

A cheap flight to Lanseria can take about an hour or several hours, depending where you're flying from and if your flight is direct or combined. If you're travelling from another South African location, you can choose an airport in Port Elisabeth (11h drive vs. 2h flight), Durban (6h drive vs. 1h flight), Cape Town (15h drive vs. 2h flight ) Obviously it's better to sit on a plane unless you really like driving. If you make up your mind about buying a cheap air ticket to Lanseria you can use the flight search engine. You can be sure of not only finding the cheapest air ticket but also getting a discount! The search engine allows also to book a hotel or rent a car. The option of car rental is strongly recommended to be able to easily travel around Lanseria, especially if you're there with your family. eSky flight search engine allows you also to buy travel insurance.

Lanseria International Airport – it's all there

Lanseria Airport is located 30 km north-west of Sandton and serves Johannesburg and Pretoria. It's a small privately owned port operating since the early 70's. On a daily basis there are commercial flights between Cape Town, George and Durban. Cheap flights to Lanseria Airport are provided by Kulula, Mango and Fly Safari which offer good deals on flights. There are restaurants, a passenger lounge, duty free shopping and car parks. Apart from the commercial flights, the airport is also popular with the owners of private jets. The best way to travel to and from the airport is by taxi or car hire. If you stay in Lanseria, the Airport is just around the corner. You can grab a bite and refill your coffee levels before boarding a plane. When you travel with economic class, drinks and snacks aren't included in the price of a ticket. However who would complain if you can have a great deal direct flight to and from Lanseria instead.

How to pack your bag to Lanseria

Lanseria just like any other South African City can get very hot suring the summer months of January and February. The temperatures can get even up to 30 degrees. Remember to bring airy clothes with long sleeves to stop the mosquitos from biting. These nasty flying insects can spread diseases. You should also keep in mind the carriers' restrictions.

It's a good idea to bring a hand luggage with your favourite book or wet wipes to freshen up. Every airline has different restrictions when it comes to the size and weight of luggage therefore it's a good idea to check out the terms and conditions of your airline, before you leave for the airport. Another good practice is to keep your cosmetics, especially liquids up to 100 ml, as a bigger amount may not be acceptable in the carry-on luggage.  When planning your cheap trip to Lanseria, check out luggage restrictions with the airline operating your flight. Each carrier have specific requirements as to how much registered luggage and hand luggage can you bring. If you bring too much luggage to the airport, it will likely result in paying excess baggage charge which is no fun. Also, they might take away your carry-on and store it along with your registered luggage. Baggage allowance information should be available on the carrier's website and on your air ticket to Lanseria.

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