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Zambia, in other words was the formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, it is a country that captivates peoples hearts with its nature. If you're brave, you can go for a walk with a lion in a Lion Encounter, or if you're a little less - admire the elephants on a boat trip in the Lower Zambezi National Park. Flights from South Africa to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, are relatively cheap, so keep an eye on the opportunities!

Lusaka – Programs first point

If you are going on a trip to Zambia, make sure that you at least  take time out of your trip to visit Lusaka. This city is the size of Johannesburg and offers many attractions, especially variety of interesting museums. And although the city is relatively young, founded in the early twentieth century, you can feel a unique atmosphere here. Some streets resemble those known from American movies, others will feel exceptionally exotic, and many places remind of the colonial history of the country. In Lusaka, you cannot miss a visit to the craft market, where you can buy a variety of handicrafts.

But before you see anything in Zambia, you need to find a way to get from the airport into the city. The airport is located 26 km from the center of Lusaka, but the commute is slightly different from what we are accustomed to at the European airports. You can only count on private transportation: taxis, buses, minivans or transfers organized by travel agencies. Private transportation to the center is relatively cheap, but it is best to book it in advance.

Airline ticket prices to Lusaka

Cheap flights to Africa do not have to be expensive, as evidence the prices of the tickets to Zambia can be purchased below 3 thousand ZAR one way - sometimes even for about 2 thousand. This is good news for all dreamers and beginner travelers, who do not  have the skills to plan cheap flights over long distances.

However, the prices of individual flights may vary depending on which airline we choose, where we depart from and how long we can agree to travel. The time taken to buy tickets is not as important as it is for short trips with low-cost airlines. For example, if you book a flight six months in advance, you can find the cheapest tickets for a total amount of just little over than 2100 ZAR, and if you are looking for a flights only a month in advance, you will have to spend 2,300 ZAR. So this it's not a big difference, and such fluctuations occur between the individual flights to Lusaka, even if we are looking for them much earlier.

Cheap flights to Lusaka - Carriers and destinations

We can fly to the capital of Zambia from several of the largest South Africa cities. The time differences are not very significant, so you can choose the starting point of your journey just by choosing the closest place to your home. The great advantage of flights from Johannesburga is the possibility of a quick flights with only one transfer (in total with Emirates) - it the connection takes about 24-25 hours, while flights with two transfers last on average 20 - 28 hours, although you can fly to Lusaka either in 18 or 36 hours.

Flights from Johannesburga are operated by the following airlines among others: Emirates, Fly Dubai, Austrian offer connecting flights in Dubai or Vienna. The rest of the route can be traveled by African airlines: Kenya Airways (transfer in Nairobi), Ethiopian Airlines (transfer in Addis Ababa) or Rwandair Express (transfer in Kingali).

Prices and travel time from Johannesburga are very similar, except that the first part of the trip can be either with PLL Lot or Lufthansa, with a change in Frankfurt. From Johannesburga the first part of your journey will be made only by Lufthansa, which is the most common option, as well as flights from Kapsztad (but here you have the choice to fly Swiss).


Africa is a charming place, but most of the time it is difficult to be completely relaxed and be carefree because of the high crime rate, which in Zambia mainly concerns the cities, including Lusaka. However, this does not mean that you have to give up your plans to visit - but you have to keep an eye out on your safety, look after your personal belongings, do not carry too much cash and avoid walking in the dark, and avoid driving a car during this time.

Zambia is endangered by malaria, so it is important to have adequate protection against mosquitoes - it is worthwhile to obtain adequate funds in South Africa. Yellow fever vaccination is required.  You can’t enter Zambia territory without showing Proof of having these vaccines, it is carefully checked. In order to avoid quarantine after arrival in Lusaka, it is absolutely necessary to remember about  the vaccinations.

South Africa does not have a diplomatic post in Zambia, however, citizens of the Republic of South Africa may use the post of any EU country: Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, France or the United Kingdom.

Cheap flights to lusaka: important Information

In order to enter Zambia, a visa is required. You can get it at an embassy or at the border, just after your arrival in Lusaka - we recommend the second option because a one-time visa is cheaper and its cost will be 50 USD. Its validity depends on the proven length of stay, for no more than 1 month. However, it can be extended at the migration point. It is also mandatory to buy third party insurance at the time of entry.

In Zambia, as in many other countries, when crossing the border, the return ticket or the means to purchase it, as well as the money to cover the costs of the stay, must be presented. However, their amount is not strictly determined, so it is worth checking the cost of living on the spot and have adequate security. An airport fee of $25 must be paid on departure.

Zambia's currency is Zambian kwacha - there are no restrictions when making an exchange at the banks or exchange point, so it is best to take the dollars with you and exchange money on the spot.

In Zambia, you have left-hand traffic. The South Africa driving license is valid for 180 days, but a certified translation is required. Due to the poor condition of the vehicles for rent and public roads, it is better to refrain from renting a car.

The best time to visit Zambia is between May and September, although April and October will also be adequate. From November to March, it is dominated by heavy rains and can be combined with hot temperatures,  which are not conducive for sightseeing. From April to August, the temperatures here are rather pleasant, up to 26 degrees, and can often exceed more than 30 degrees.

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