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Cheap flights to Nelspruit – discover a live safari!

Nelspruit is a city founded in 1905 by three Nel brothers. It is a capital of the province in South Africa, Mpumalanga. Although Nelspruit not a typical city that lures tourist from all over the world, it’s a very popular destination. So, what can we see in Nelspruit? It is possible to get there by low cost airlines? How should you pack up for the trip there?

International and interregional flights to Nelspruit

Nelspruit itself is not a big city, because it has about 59 thousand residents but with the surrounding villages it already has more than 200 thousand. It’s a very large number, so it can be easily said that Nelspruit and its surroundings are a large number of inhabited places on the map of South Africa. Why do so many tourists from Europe choose cheap flights to Nelspruit? It’s mainly due to citrus and tasty, tropical fruits, such as bananas and mangos. We can pluck those fruits straight from the tree and enjoy their taste. Actually, there is no change to taste such delicacies nowhere else in Europe. South Africans usually choose to travel by plane for comfort. For instance, the distance between Johannesburg and Nelspruit is more than 300 km. So that, more convenient way to cover such distance is to choose cheap and direct flights to Nelspruit than to pay for tickets using public transport. Interestingly, an airplane is considered as one of the safest means of transport. Therefore, it is worth to opt for tickets at attractive prices

How does the flight to Nelspruit look like?

It depends on where we leave from. If you decide for cheap flights to Nelspruit from Europe, we have to bear in mind at least one transfer, depending on the flight and the city. It’s probable that we will fly with Qatar Airways to the city of Doha, then to Johannesburg and a fast flight to Nelspruit with South African Airways. We can also decide to fly directly to the African continent, which is to Johannesburg and to Nelspruit. To search for an attractive air link and cheap ticket to Nelspruit, we can use eSky flight search. It’s certain that thanks to it we will be able to find not only the most attractive price for flight but perhaps even a discount! It also allows you to book a hotel or rent a car.  This is a big facilitation because moving around Nelspruit can be a nuisance, especially if you travelling with your family. Thanks to the help of eSky search engine, we can also buy an insurance.

Preparations for the flight

The airport for Nelspruit is called Kruger Mpumalanga Airport and it’s the fourth largest airport in the South Africa. It services several airlines, such as South Africa Airlink or South African Express. The airport is located about 10 km from the center of Nelspruit, that’s why we can easily get to the city using public transport or by rental car. In this airport there are cafes and restaurants, so we’ll be able to eat something before the flight. Please note that if you buy cheap flights in economy class, you’ll have to pay for snacks during the flight. That’s why it’s worth to eat something at the airport, unless we fly on a short trip, for e.g. to Johannesburg. Interestingly, the airport also offers charter flights. If you would like to take advantage of this option and fly cheap flights directly to Nelspruit from Europe, we can get some information about available dates.

How to pack luggage to Nelspruit

As in the majority of South African cities, in Nelspruit, the weather can be really hot but the period out of the season is considered as a warm city, for e.g. in Europe. In South Africa there is no winter, in January and February it is usually up to 30 degrees. Please remember to take breathable clothes but with long sleeves, so that you won’t be bitten by mosquitoes, which can cause really dangerous diseases. Remember also about the hand luggage, where we’ll put the most necessary things, which will help us to refresh ourselves during the trip. Make sure that the cosmetics you take in your hand luggage contain more than 100ml, because otherwise it’s not allowed. During planning a cheap flights to Nelspruit, check carefully how much our check-in luggage and hand luggage can weigh. Any overweight will result in a surcharge and any overweight will result in overcharge, as for cargo. We will be able to receive all information accurately by following our carrier. It’s important, especially when we have several transfers. Every airline has its own charges and price list.

What can we see in Nelspruit?

Many people buy fly tickets to Nelspruit mainly in order to taste real fruits „straight from the free”,  such as citrus or bananas, but also to admire wild animals in their natural environment, not just in the zoo. Such kind of place is, for sure, the Kruger National Park. While travelling by car with a guide, we can observe animals, nature and also take some photos. In this park we can find a lot of hippos, rhinos and giraffes. Lowveld - National Botanical Garden is also worth seeing place. There we can find interesting plants specimens, wonderful landscapes and an opportunity to learn about the history of some spices. This garden is considers as one of the most peaceful places in the whole South America. Another must-see place is the Open Skies Wilderness Expeditions. There we can admire mainly „wild cats”, lions and tigers in their natural environment. Therefore, deciding on cheap flights to Nelspruit, it is worth to keep in mind such aspects as distance, total journey time, etc. After all, if we have funds, it is worth to visit at least one safari in Nelspruit.

Nelspruit is an interesting, although undeveloped tourist city. There are not as many visitors as in other South African cities – for e.g. as in Johannesburg. However, those who come, are focused mainly on trips to one of the safari. Flights to Nelspruit last from a few to several hours with transfers, that’s why it’s good to be well prepared and have some snacks with you during the flight. Moreover, while packing luggage you should remember to take breathable clothes but with long sleeves, so that we won’t be bitten by mosquitoes. You can use eSky airlines search to find cheap tickets to Nelspruit.


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