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Cheap flights to Pietermaritzburg – an remarkable place on the world map

Pietermaritzburg is the city located in the province of KwaZulu – Natal in the South Africa. Pietermaritzburg has been the administrative center of this province since 1994, so for more than 20 years. It’s quite a big city, because it has more than half a million people and the number of inhabitants is constantly growing. All those who want to visit Pietermaritzburg can take advantage of cheap flights not only international but also intercontinental. Why is it worth to fly to Pietermaritzburg? What can we see there? How to prepare for the trip?

Flights to Pietermaritzburg from Europe

If we want to go to the Pietermaritzburg we should expect transfers and slightly longer journey. Nevertheless, today’s well-equipped airports allow us to spend in comfort even several hours waiting for the next fly. So that we can rent a hotel at the airport and even for a few hours spend time in the VIP Room or go to the restaurant or café. Those who like shopping will be able to buy clothes, perfumes, jewelry and food in stores at the airport. Cheap flights to Pietermaritzburg will be a great adventure for sure!

How to find a cheap ticket to Pietermaritzburg?

If we want to book cheap flights to Pietermaritzburg from the European city, we will probably have to fly with low-cost airlines – Qatar Airways to fly to the Asian continent. The importance is the fact that Qatar is often a transfer place for lots of tourists who travel to Africa, such as Pietermaritzburg or Johannesburg. There we will transfer for a direct flights to our final destination. We have to bear in mind that flights from Europe to African countries will cost several thousand for one person, in both directions. However, we don’t need to worry because using a flight search engine, we can get really cheap tickets to Pietermaritzburg! This is what exactly eSky search is. By using it we can retrace our route to Pietermaritzburg. Check the transfer points and also the time we will spend at the airport waiting for the direct fly to Pietermaritzburg. What is more, eSky search engine allows us to book a hotel or to rent a car that will move us around the Pietermaritzburg. It’s worth to know that the city is quiet big, that is why it’s more convenient to use the option to rent a car, especially when we have large family or we want to travel with a child. On eSky search engine, we can also follow the offer which shows us all discounts. Perhaps the cheap flights to Pietermaritzburg is for a special price!

Pietermaritzburg airport

Our destination airport is of course Pietermaritzburg Airport. It’s the main hub for flights from this city and the surrounding area. Importantly, many travelers from suburbs of Durban and Midlands also use Pietermaritzburg Airport. It has two majors airlines, such as South African Airways and Airlink, from this  airport we will get mainly to Johannesburg. The Pietermaritzburg Airport is not big, so that if we want to go somewhere farther than the nearest African cities, we have to fly to Johannesburg.

What should you take for a trip to Pietermaritzburg?

The South Africa is rather warm but often rainy country, so that we have to remember about our outfit. It is really important to know that the temperatures in there can be really high, especially in the low season. Therefore, while planning a flight to Pietermaritzburg, we should pack breathable, thin clothes but as little as possible covering our body. Why? The main reason is the fact that in this part of the world we can meet insects, such as tiger mosquitoes which causes many dangerous to people’s health and life diseases (like Dengue fever). What is interesting, Pietermaritzburg is the warmest place in winter and the coldest during the period which is considered as a peak season in Europe. Therefore, planning holidays in this city, we can definitely decide to go there in June, July or August.

Luggage and excess luggage

A really important aspect of a cheap flights to Pietermaritzburg is also the weight of our luggage. Usually we have to transfer at least once, for e.g. while flying from Asia. However, while flying out of Europe there will be a few changes. Please check in particular airlines how much your luggage can weigh and if you can take hand luggage as well as checked luggage. If you exceed the luggage weight limit or you have to pay another fee, it’s better to pay it immediately, so that you don’t have to worry during transfers.

What is worth-seeing in Pietermaritzburg?

Pietermaritzburg is also an interesting city where you’ll be able to see a lot of places. If you buy cheap tickets to Pietermaritzburg, plan a sightseeing tour. You definitely need to see the KwaZulu Natal Museum which is recommended for families with kids. There are lots of multimedia shows and information related to the history of human evolution and history of some animals. In Africa there are a lot of parks and Safari. One of those parks is Tala Privat Game Reserve where we can see animals and take some rest. We won’t find another place like this in Europe for sure! For those who loves butterflies, there is Butterflies for Africa Exhibition. We can find there well-presented and described unusual species. What is more, in Pietermaritzburg we can taste the menu of various cafes and restaurants. If we like exotic trips, cheap flights to Pietermaritzburg should be on our list.

Pietermaritzburg is an unusual city in the South Africa and although the weather is the best in the low season, it’s worth to go there also in June, July, even in August or in September. Moving around the city is quiet easy, using the eSky search engine we will be able to book not only cheap flights to Pietermaritzburg but also rent a car which will be waiting for us on the spot. Pietermaritzburg has a lot of wonderful places but definitely nature reserves are the best.

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