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The capital of England is one of the largest and most populated cities in Europe. It is inhabited by almost nine million people, and if we consider the whole agglomeration, the number will exceed fourteen million. It is estimated that about two percent of Londons’ population is of Polish descent.

Tourism, business and emigration, i.e., why do we fly to London?

Last year, London was visited by over twenty-million tourists. This puts the capital of England in the first place among all cities in Europe. There is no denying that these statistics are heavily influenced by the ethnic minorities living in agglomerations. This can also be seen in the analysis of flights from South Africa.

Emigration is not the only reason why we choose this course. Tickets to London are also purchased for tourist and business purposes.It’s worth to spend few days visiting numerous monuments and characteristic buildings. Places such as the parliament building with its characteristic clock tower or the Tower Bridge overlooking the Thames, are known for their numerous film and television productions. It is worth to see them with your own eyes and judge the size and unique architectural style on your own.

London is also a well-known global business center. Many banks have their headquarters in this city, and branches have been opened by over a hundred foreign banking institutions. Added to this are brokerage houses and one of the world's largest stock exchanges. London is also an important educational and industrial center not only in Great Britain.

Where should you depart from to London?

Due to the high interest in air tickets to London, carriers operate many connections to this city from various domestic airports. Thirteen airports in our country operate connections to London. Some of them are even operated by several transport companies.

Regardless of the airport from which you start your flight, the connection time will not exceed three hours. Most of the connections are made by low-cost airlines, so we can count on low ticket prices. Carriers often organize promotions and then the tickets to London can be bought for less than fifty zlotys. As a standard, if we start booking in advance, we will buy a ticket from any airport for no more than a hundred zlotys.

From whichever airport you intend to take off from, ticket prices will be similar. Therefore, when choosing an airport, it is worth to take into account the location of the airport, relative to us. If you live in southern Poland, it is not worth choosing tickets  connecting to London from Gdansk, even if they are cheaper. The cost of the flight will be added to the cost of travel to Gdansk. However, it is worth taking into account the place where we will land and the distance from the airport to downtown because this city does not serve only one airport.

Largest airports in London

London boasts about having the most extensive transport node in the world. One of the most popular cities in Europe is served by six airports. They are located at different distances from the downtown, which is worth taking into account when choosing your connection. You will have to cover this route  on your own, so on the financial side, you should also save money for the transport from the airport.

We can omit to discuss London-Southern airport because this airport isn’t planning in the near future operating flights with our country. On the other hand, London-City airport, located ten kilometers from downtown, serves only one flight from Warsaw, operated by LOT. Prices of airline tickets offered by this carrier are relatively high, although the standard of flight exceeds that of low-cost airlines.

London-Heathrow Airport is the largest airport not only in Great Britain but also on the whole continent. The airport is marked with an international IATA code as LHR, and every year it handles more than seventy-million passengers. We will land at the airport if we travel with the regular British Airways carrier. The carrier offers flights to London only from airports serving Warsaw and Krakow. Of course, there are also cheap flights to London from Johannesburg or Cape Town.

The second-largest airport for flights to London is London-Gatwick. This airport is located about forty kilometers south of downtown. Currently, from our country, we can only fly there by easyJet. There are connections from Krakow and recently also from Warsaw

Airports selected by low-cost airlines

One of the costs incurred by airlines in organizing arrivals between cities is the airport fee. As you know, the fee is lower at airports that are further away from downtown. This is the main reason why such airports are popular with low-cost airlines.

The third-largest airport in London is London Stansted (IATA code to STN), which can handle over eighteen million passengers per year. It is located almost fifty kilometers northeast of London, but we can easily get to the city center. Near the airport, there is a railway station connecting the airport with the city. Such a connection lasts less than an hour and will cost you several pounds. The second option is to travel by car, which can be rented near the airport. Near the airport runs the highway M11, running directly to London.

The Flights at Stansted Airport from the majority of the Polish cities to London will be closed down. Ryanair is an Irish Carrier that is based at this airport, and its aircraft serves routes from Rzeszow, Szczecin, Lodz, Bydgoszcz and traditionally from Krakow and Warsaw. This carrier offers very cheap airline tickets to London, whose booking can cost us from as little as sixty-five zlotys for a one-way flight.

London Luton is an airport designated in the IATA code by the letters LTN. It is the fourth largest airport in London in terms of the number of passengers handled, with approximately 12 million passengers per year. Luton is located about fifty kilometers from downtown London. This distance will be covered by two means of transportation. First of all, we have to take the free bus to the train station, from where there are regular trains to the center of London. The cost for that type of connection is several pounds.

At the London-Luton airport, we will find ourselves choosing primarily cheap flights to London with the Hungarian carrier Wizz. We can depart from many Polish cities, including Katowice, Poznan, Lublin, Wroclaw or already mentioned Krakow and Warsaw. Airline tickets for this type of flight can be purchased for as little as seventy zlotys one-way.

Where can I find cheap flights to London?

In order to buy cheap flight tickets to London, you need to be interested in flights already a few weeks before departure. Prices are always much higher a few days before the planned trip because the carrier is focused on passengers whose random situation forces them to book at the last minute. In that case, the unfortunate person will buy a ticket regardless of the price.

You will need the right tools to find the most cost-effective connection. Worth noting is the search engine of cheap flights eSky, thanks to which we can easily find the flights we are interested in. Just enter the approximate date of departure and the city you are interested in the appropriate fields. In this case, it will be the abbreviation LON, which means all the airports that are connected with London. In just a moment you will get a list of the cheapest and most suitable flights to suit your requirements. By choosing one of them, you will be able to book your flight. Besides, we can also book a hotel room, pay for insurance and even order a car from a rental company located near the airport via the eSky flight search engine.

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✔️ Which airlines offer flights to London?

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