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George is picturesque situated in the south of Africa, between Cape Town and Elisabeth Port. Although today it’s a relatively small center today, it bears wonderful traces of its past, the former Dutch influence and colorful African present intertwine here. From the perspective of Europe it’s almost the end of the world but thanks to cheap flights to George, it becomes much closer.

George, the city of lumberjacks

Although south African George is a medium sized town (about 150 thousand residents), it has an incredibly rich past which today testify not only the monuments but also the citizens. These are mostly Coloureds, descendants of the Khosain nations, Malay, Dutch and Flemish settlers – Boers. They speak Afrikaans , formed from Dutch, Portuguese, Malaysian and dialects of Hottentots people. The language itself is a souvenir from of the turbulent history and it perfectly fits into the atmosphere of this place, which can’t be crowded into any framework.

The city was founded in response to the needs of The Dutch East India Company, in order to supply it in wood and wood products. However, only during the British occupation the separate city was created here and the craftsmanship of its furniture is one of its hallmarks. Today George is a popular tourist destination with a good hotel base and connection with the rest of the country.

Why George?

When going to South Africa, travelers often think about flights to Johannesburg or Cape Town. However cheap flights to George are also a great option for anyone who would want to explore South Africa a little bit beyond beaten tracks. A trip to South Africa from Europe is a long journey, that’s why it’s best to stay longer and see as much as possible, without the rush and cursory sightseeing.

You can also decide to stay for shorter period, not necessarily in the capital and its surroundings. If you’re interested in the South African nature, choosing George will be very practical. In its vicinity you can find national parks and several nature reserves, in addition, the city itself is located near to the picturesque coastline, on which, with a bit of luck, you can see the tale of the whale jumping out of the water.

You don’t have to leave the city to be in contact with the local nature! You can visit The Garden Route which is a fantastic botanical garden at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains, where on 19 hectares you can see the South African vegetation in thematically segregated sections.

Do you prefer a bit of luxury? George is a city of excellent golf courses (including a famous Fancourt Country Club Golf Estate) and many elegant hotels. In the city itself, you can’t miss seeing The Slave Tree, an old oak tree planted by English and also the King Edward VII Library. Until recently, Outeniqua, the last passenger steam train in Africa, operated here. Today, you can still go for a ride on its route along the coast from George to Knysna – the best way to finish is in the Outeniqua Transport Museum.

How much does the flight to George cost?

In the age of low-cost airlines, when we can fly to the other end of Europe for a small amount of money, the cost of cheap flights to George or other African cities may seem considerable. However it’s not like this at all! We should remember that we have to travel almost the whole globe, so that from the European Airport we can set foot at the South African airport.

The prices of flights from European airports to George are quiet vailed but are often around 1 thousand EUR for one-way ticket. So it’s not a prohibitive price, if you bear in mind the distance, catering, luggage and all of the amenities that large and traditional airlines provide.

However, everything depends on the date and the airlines. We can find tickets even below given prices. The best way to do this is to use airline search engines and look for the best option for you – some people focuses on low prices and others care about a possibility of the shortest journey.

Flight time and airlines

Flight time is a separate aspect. The minimum of time we will spend in planes and airports is 20 hours – cheap flights to George includes at least two transfers. The second one is usually in Cape Town or in Johannesburg, while the first one depends on the carrier. Flying with Lufthansa we will stop for a minute in Frankfurt, with Emirates in Dubai and with the Swiss in Zurich.

If the time for transfer is relatively short – about 2-3 hours, we will be in George in about 21 hours. The flight to Frankfurt from the capital of Poland takes over 2 hours, the flight from European cities to South Africa takes about 10 to 12 hours. Then we can expect 3 hours flight from Cape Town or 2 hours flight from Johannesburg.

Flights on site are operated by South African Airways, one of the biggest airlines in Africa with reputable opinions.

Things to remember

South Africa is located in the Southern Hemisphere, so you should be aware of “reversed” season. If you want a hot summer, you won’t find it here in July when the temperatures in George are about 20 degrees. In general, it’s hard to find a hot summer in here – during European winter in George is 25 degrees during the day. Rainfalls occur during the whole year – however, with the least rain in June and July.

In South Africa, avoid walking alone, moving around and stopping on the roads in the dark. The best way is to stay in groups for the whole trip.

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