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Cheap flights to Johannesburg

The South African city of Johannesburg is mainly associated with Nelson Mandela, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and an anti-apartheid activist. The city doesn’t have a long history, supported by old buildings, or picturesque beaches. Therefore, flights to Johannesburg are mainly chosen by business travelers and seasoned travelers. Is it worthwhile to make a trip to Johannesburg as a tourist destination?

Johannesburg or eGoli?
Johannesburg is a very young city, it is given a nickname Jozi by the locals. Until two hundred years ago there were practically no buildings there. This was due to very unfavorable living conditions, such as a considerable distance from rivers and ocean and location of an altitude of about 1700 meters above sea level. However, something made this inhospitable area became one of the most important agglomerations on the African continent. It's called gold and diamonds.

At the end of the nineteenth century where currently there is a city, there was a village which consisted mainly of tents. Huge deposits of stones and precious metals caused the city to develop at an incredible pace. In only little over a hundred years it has transformed from a mining village into a modern metropolis in African conditions. No wonder that the name eGoli, which means the city of gold, was adhering to it.

Although today most mines are located outside the city, cheap flights to Johannesburg are still motivated by gold. This is where the most important mining and quarrying institutions are based. It is also estimated that about 40 percent of world production of this metal takes place in the vicinity of Johannesburg. The city is also the largest financial center in the country and the whole of Africa. It is here that the Stock Exchange, founded in 1887, is located.

Cheap flights to Johannesburg

Travel to Johannesburg from Europe are long and time-consuming. The time we spend in the air choosing a cheap flight to Johannesburg from our country is more than fourteen hours. In addition to the length of the entire journey, transfers and the wait for flight connections should be added You should know that from our country there are no direct connections. In this case, what is the best way to get there?

Before we get into that, it is worth knowing in advance, anyone who wants to buy tickets to Johannesburg with low-cost airlines; know that these carriers do not operate this route unless it is one of its sections. Therefore, if you're planing this kind of trip, you will have the opportunity to travel in good conditions with a traditional carrier.

There are several roads we can take to South Africa. If you decide to fly with only one connecting flight, you will first have to get to a European airport, which has a direct connection to Johannesburg. One of the options is to fly to London, where you will wait for the rest of the trip. Flights from Krakow or Warsaw to Johannesburg can be made with British Airways. It may also happen that the second part of the route will take us to Virgin Atlantic.

You can also choose to fly to Johannesburg with a layover in Frankfurt or Munich. Lufthansa provides us with this option in connection with South African Airways. With the Dutch airlines KLM you will fly to your destination via Amsterdam, and a layover in Istanbul will provide us with a connection between LOT and Turkish Airlines.

It is worth adding, that all the flights will finish at the International Airport in Johannesburg. This is one of the two airports serving the city, which is also the largest airport in Africa. Every year, seventeen million passengers are served here.

The airport is located not far from Santon, in a district where most of the hotels are located. This route can be conquered by a special train - the Metra. It will take about fifteen minutes and will cost about 154.42 ZAR. The second possibility is a taxi, but here both the cost and time of travel can increase up to fourfold. It’s not worth trying to save money and going from the airport to the hotel on foot. Johannesburg is one of the most dangerous cities in Africa, and robbery attacks on tourists are on an everyday basis.

When is the best time to flights to Johannesburg?

The climate in Johannesburg is quite harsh. The city is located at a significant altitude above sea level and at the same time is influenced by the coastal climate. This results in the temperatures not raising above 25 degrees Celsius even in the summer. When traveling in the winter, you don’t have to worry about frostiness, because the temperature does not fall below plus 5 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, in late autumn, a frequent occurrence of intensive storms with intense rainfall, that lasts until the beginning of spring.

If we aren’t taking the weather into account and focusing mainly on the ticket prices, the situation is a little different. Flights to South Africa are price-differentiated, but there are periods of the year when carriers offer them at a lower price. The cheapest tickets from Poland to Johannesburg can be purchased for flights in autumn and early spring. The most expensive seasons of the year is spring and the whole vacation season in summer.

Cheap flights to Johannesburg

The shortage of tickets to South Africa offered by low-cost airlines means that these flights are not the cheapest. This is also due to the long distance to be covered by air. The cheapest flights can be booked for as little as 8,493.30 ZAR. These are not standard ticket prices, so it's worth taking at least a few weeks before the scheduled departure date. Tickets bought at the last minute can cost up to twice as much and there is no certainty that during the layover we will not have to wait for the second part of the journey for a few hours.

If you are planning a trip to Johannesburg, use the eSky low-cost flights search engine. On this page, we will be able to search for the largest number of available flights on the route of your choice. The price of the connection and the flight time, including connecting flights, will be presented in a transparent way. Reservations will be made via the Internet and, if necessary, we can use the help of telephone consultants.

The eSky flight finder also gives us the opportunity to create a combined flight. If you are traveling to Johannesburg but want to visit Istanbul or Amsterdam on your way, you can include this in the search engine. In addition, eSky also offers us the possibility of booking accommodation on-site or renting a car.

Tourist flights to Johannesburg

Johannesburg is one of the most important cities in South Africa. The city is the economic and financial center of the country and is considered to be the most populated. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine the exact number of inhabitants, unlike with European cities. There are no such statistics in Africa, so we need to rely only on estimates. These estimates are very diverse and indicate that there are between eight and eleven million people living in the city and in the entire agglomeration.

Most people live in the Soweto district. The data shows that the number of inhabitants ranges from five to even eight million. Initially, it was mainly poor miners who settled here, but nowadays the population is very diverse. Actually, this is the district called Orlando where Nelson Mandela lived, South African president and activist of equal rights for the black population. His house became a museum that can be visited all year round.

The Apartheid Museum is a memoir of the fight for equality regardless of skin color. When choosing to fly to Johannesburg, it is worth seeing this interesting place. It allows you to get to know and understand the difficulties, and sometimes very brutal, history of South Africa. The museum is organized in such a way that it is worth going through it twice. Why? Because from the very beginning we are randomly assigned to a given race. We can follow the path of black inhabitants, fighting for their rights, or white settlers, afraid of safety and loss of property. Regardless of the route of the tour, the whole symbolically ends in one place.

In Johannesburg, you can also find the highest building in Africa. It is a 50-store skyscraper with a closed hotel adjacent to it. If you're already on a flight to Johannesburg, you can't miss this place. On the top floor, there is a glass viewing terrace with a panoramic view of the city. Only from this level, you can see how extensive and diverse the Jozi city is.

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