Airline Booking Verification

Airline Booking Verification

Some low-cost airlines such as Ryanair have introduced additional identity checks for passengers. This is standard procedure for these airlines and only applies to certain bookings. Later in this article you will learn what verification is, how to complete it and what you will need to do so, for example, a working camera on your phone or laptop.

Is your ticket valid?

Yes. This booking verification information does not invalidate your ticket. You can still travel as your ticket is valid.

Do you have to verify your booking?

Yes. If you receive an email requiring you to verify your booking. If you don’t verify it, you will not complete online check-in and will need to pay an airport check-in fee of up to €55 per person. According to the airline's regulations and terms and conditions, this fee is not subject to complaint.

Where can I find a link to the verification form?

We will send you the link in your booking verification email or else you can obtain it directly from the airline.

What do you need to know before you verify a booking?

Firstly, your booking does not always require additional airline verification. You will be prompted by email if you need to go through this process.

If you do not receive a message, you can manage your booking at any time, check in online and travel as usual.

If you do receive an email, you will need to prepare a few things to help you quickly verify your booking. These things are:

  • A device with a working camera, such as a phone, tablet or laptop, on which you can complete verification.
  • Your payment card, in case you need to cover a small verification fee.
  • Your flight booking number, which can be found in an email from eSky or on your e-ticket.
  • The form of identification you will be taking on the trip, such as your passport.
  • Other details required on the eSky booking form, such as address, telephone number and email address.

The airline does not necessarily need all this data, but it is worth having it available before you begin verification.

How do I verify my booking on the airline's website?

  1. Click on the link we sent you by email and enter the required data as prompted. Before you begin , make sure the address in your browser bar is correct – the airline’s name should appear in the domain address.
  2. The verification form may consist of several steps, so please follow the instructions on the page.
  3. Airlines may also ask you for a scan or photo of the document used for your booking, as well as a photo of your face. To do this, use your device’s camera. This is now a popular security solution, also used by banks and other institutions.

Please take a moment to ensure that the information that you have provided is correct before proceeding to the next verification step. This is very important because if you provide incorrect information or an incorrect photo, you may be asked to complete the verification process again.

Do you have to verify your booking every time?

Whether it is your first booking or a subsequent booking, the airline may choose to ask for verification. Not every booking involves verification. If the airline requires it, you will be notified by email.

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