Boarding an aircraft

Boarding an aircraft

Boarding an aircraft takes place straight from the departure lounge, to which passengers are directed after checking in and passing through the security checkpoint.

Each flight is given an appropriate gate/exit at which passengers wait to board the plane. Boarding can take place through a special jet bridge connected to the plane or directly from the airport apron - then passengers are transported by bus to the plane or they move along a separate path and go up the stairs to board it.

Boarding time information is displayed on screens in the departure lounge.

Priority boarding

In most cases, it is a common practice used by airlines to first board people traveling with young children, pregnant women and the disabled. Priority boarding is also available to those who have purchased such a service or are traveling in a higher travel class (First Class, Business Class), as well as those with loyalty program cards.

How to order?
If you want to use the priority boarding option, you can purchase the service by selecting the suitable item in the booking process on our website or after booking the ticket, select the suitable option in the "My bookings" tab in Your eSky account. You can also use it to manage your booking yourself. If you are not a registered user, create an account and import your booking. In addition, it is worth using the eSky mobile application, thanks to which you will get immediate access to your reservations at any time and place.

Seat reservation on a plane

Cheap airlines
Low-cost airlines usually allow you to reserve seats in advance for an additional fee. If passengers wish to select a seat in advance, they can select the suitable option when booking a ticket on the eSky website or contact us after the booking process - our consultants will help in choosing and booking seats on the plane.

Scheduled airlines
In many cases, airlines allow you to reserve seats in advance but this does not apply to all flights. Some carriers allow you to choose a seat in advance free of charge when booking a flight, after you’ve purchased it or during check-in. If you would like to select a seat, contact us and our consultant will confirm if booking a seat is possible. If so, they will do it for you.

Due to safety regulations, not all seats on a plane are available for booking. Because of the possibility of the need for a quick and efficient evacuation, only adult passengers who are fully capable physically can sit in emergency exit row seats situated above the wing of the aircraft and in the front and back of the cabin (on some airlines, these seats are specially marked) with the consent of the staff. For this reason, these seats cannot be occupied by severely overweight passengers. Most often, the carrier also requires the traveler to speak English. In the event of an emergency passengers sitting in such seats may be asked for help.

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